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The Latino Alumni Association of Columbia University (LAACU) is dedicated to serving the needs of the Latino community. LAACU exists to support, promote and channel the academic, social, professional and developmental interests of Columbia's Latino community, both past and present.

To achieve our mission, LAACU will focus on, but not limit itself to the following:

    • Promote and facilitate the interest and activities of Latino Alumni while unifying different classes;
    • Foster a sentiment of regard and support among Latino Alumni;
    • Facilitate communication between the University, LAACU, and other Columbia University alumni associations;
    • Identify Latino alumni leaders to serve as mentors to foster the professional development of students;
    • Assist Columbia in the recruitment, promotion and retention of Latino faculty administration and students;
    • Promote Latino alumni service to Columbia University and local communities;
    • Assist Columbia in the academic and personal development of Latino students;
    • Participate in the formulation of Columbia policies as related to the Latino community;
    • Fund raise for the LAACU Scholarship Fund—current-use financial aid money to be awarded yearly to students at Columbia College who, among other things, demonstrate leadership in and support for the Latino community.

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