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Elbert Garcia

Class of 1997, Columbia College

Jose A Diaz, Esq.

Class of 1975, Columbia College

Efrain Agosto

Class of 1977, Columbia College

Doug Wolf

Class of 1988, Columbia College

Ted Schweitzer

Class of 1991, Columbia College


Class of 1995, Columbia College

Dora Maria Abreu

Class of 2000, Teachers College

Angela Barranco

Class of 2002, Columbia College

Jennifer Martinez

Class of 2004, Columbia College

Yscaira Jimenez

Class of 2003, Columbia College

Daniel Puertas

Class of 2004

Carlos Pichardo

Class of 2007

gabriella barbosa

Class of 2008, Columbia College

Jonathan Gerszberg

Class of 2008, Columbia Business School

Grace Urena

Class of 2009, Columbia College

Luis Alicea

Class of 2009, Teachers College

Mayra Ram�rez

Class of 2009, Columbia College

Milagros Aranda

Class of 2010