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Michael Rain

Class of 2010

Diana Punales-Morejon

Class of 1984, Barnard College

Class of 2005, Teachers College

Joaquin Pradas

Class of 1973, The Fu Foundation School of Engineering and Applied Science

Wilton Pichardo

Class of 2013, School of General Studies

Magdalene Perez

Class of 2007, The Graduate School of Journalism

Corey Perez

Class of 2010, Columbia College

Class of 2010, Columbia College

Angelica Perez-Litwin

Class of 1989, Columbia College

Tatiana Pena

Class of 2007, Architecture, Planning & Preservation

Emma Pedrajo

Class of 1995, School of International and Public Affairs

Christine Gabriella Ortiz

Class of 2009, Columbia College

Benjamin Ortiz

Class of 1992, Columbia College

Ramiro Ordonez

Class of 2004, The Fu Foundation School of Engineering and Applied Science

Lisa Orbegoso

Class of 2005, School of Social Work

Nelson Olivo

Class of 1992

Class of 1997

Elena Nunez

Class of 2000, Columbia College

Carlos Muñoz

Class of 1957, Columbia College

Class of 1961, Graduate School of Arts and Sciences

Alma Rosa Montanez

Class of 2004

Marialaura Molina

Class of 1994, Columbia College

Ida Mendez-White

Class of 1989, Mailman School of Public Health

Miguel Melendez

Class of 1997, Columbia College

Berenice Mejia-Adams

Class of 2002, School of Social Work

Ingrid Matias

Class of 1999, Columbia College

Rogelio Martinez

Class of 1996, School of the Arts

Manny Martinez

Class of 1989, The Fu Foundation School of Engineering and Applied Science

Jennifer Martinez

Class of 2004, Columbia College

Eunice Martinez

Class of 2006, School of General Studies

Eric Martinez

Class of 2005

Melissa Mark Viverito

Class of 1991, Columbia College

Christian Lynch

Class of 1994

Carol Luttati

Class of 1985, Columbia Law School